Warranty Statement:

All Masar products are warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship and will be repaired or replaced at no charge to Buyer, provided return or rejection of product is made within a reasonable period.


Warranty Period:

 (a) The warranty period for all goods and/or services (the "Warranty Period") will expire three (3) years after shipment of goods and 2 years after performance of services.

(b) If during the Warranty Period, Buyer believes that there is a breach of warranty, Buyer must, within ten (10) days. Provide our company with a written notification setting forth the nature of the claimed breach.

Seller shall promptly investigate such claimed breach and shall, after its investigation, either (i) provide information to Buyer confirming that no breach of warranty has in fact occurred; or (ii) advise Buyer of Seller's planned corrective action.

The usage data provided must be satisfactory to Seller, acting reasonably, and must be sufficiently detailed to allow Seller to determine, with reasonable certainty, the part number, Date of purchase, and technical issues.

This warranty does not cover any damage or discoloration caused by corrosion due to gases, liquids, or any other source, nor does it cover normal wear of any seals in its products and with gases other than air, or unless otherwise specified in the contract. Such returns are contingent on Masar's examination and reasonable satisfaction that any defects are covered by this warranty and that the Buyer has not returned the equipment in a damaged condition, due to any negligence, tampering, misapplication or product modification on the part of the Buyer or his agents. Masar shall not be liable for installation charges, for expenses of Buyer for repairs or replacement, for damages from delay or loss of use, or other indirect or consequential damages of any kind.

Warranty Limitations:

Warranty does not cover any shipping cost or custom fees. Warranty does not cover any damage or discoloration caused by particulates deposited by dirty gases, liquids, residue or any other source. Warranty does not cover usage of any corrosive gas not compatible with the wetted materials listed:


For more information contact us below : support@masar-tech.com

  • Technology :

    True to its roots, Masar only manufactures Smart Islamic Products and accessories and over the years the company kept adding features and new technologies to its products.

  • Development :

    For the coming years, several unique products are under development. Masar loves to listen to customers and with their help develop well thought-through products that help customers to express their creativity.

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