Made of high quality materials inspired by Islamic design

  • MASAR-34-A

    Made of high quality materials inspired by Islamic design 

    An elegant design specially designed to suit any space ,it includes unique and innovative features

  • Masar-34-B

    A unique and distinctive model of Islamic technology, a clock that carries the latest technology and many Islamic features ,Made in different sizes and shapes to suit all tastes and suitable for homes and mosques.

  • Azkar and Dua

    Masar clcok contains a large number of rememrances and supplications that can be set according to your desire.

  • Voice Over Assistance

    Masar 34 supports four main languages for the voice over assistance ( Arabic , English , French , Turkish).

  • Quran Recitation

    Masar includes seven complete Quran recitations that allows you to listen to the recitation of all the surahs with translations.

  • Remote Control

    To increase the ease of controlling the clock, it comes with a “remote control” that we specially designed to facilitate the process of controlling and adjusting the clock effortlessly.